Sunday, March 14, 2004

Megaliths and Evidence : Stones but no Evidence of Sedentary Villages

Megaliths and Evidence : Stones but no Evidence of Sedentary Villages

Here is a typical example of WHY the mainstream has not moved forward on megalithic research. They are bogged down in their own unproven theories which are not supported by any evidence.

Catherine Perles and Gerard Monthel in their book:
The Early Neolithic in Greece: The first farming communities in Europe, Cambridge University Press, 2001,
write at Footnote 1, page 2
about theories in archaeology which do not conform to what has actually been found to be true:

"A more current example is provided by the absence of villages or habitations in Western European megalithic areas. After a century of fieldwork, many authors still argue that the megaliths' builders were necessarily sedentary and that their villages will eventually be found."

Read that carefully. What it means is that mainstream archaeology is sticking to its ridiculous theory that the megaliths were local "cult" objects, sort of like a sundial in every backyard lawn, which locals erected to predominantly view the Sun and Moon in their area. NOTHING supports this view. It is a fiction, a theory in the imaginations of mainstream archaeologists which has absolutely no support in the facts.

Rather, as Perles and Monthel correctly note, it is really high time to look for explanations which fit what the facts tell us. The facts tell us that the megaliths were put up by some kind of a MOBILE group which was NOT sedentary to the megalithic locations.

Here again, my theory that this was a worldwide megalithic survey of the Earth by astronomy by a mobile group of persons specially sent out on this task - again - DOES fit the facts.


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